1:26pm July 24, 2014


How to create a breastplate using Worbla

Just put subtitles!! This girl is an amazing cosplayer.

1:14pm July 24, 2014


a few quick reminders:

- that thing you did that was kind of embarrassing and weird, everyone else forgot about that already

- you look fine today, if you can’t notice something on your face standing 6 feet from a mirror then nobody else will either

- if something is out of your control, do not let yourself or anyone else expect you to deal with it alone

- social lives can go through cycles sometimes, if you feel like your friends are all ignoring you for no reason they’re probably just busy with other things

- if you can’t stop thinking about someone or something, find something mentally occupying to do like reading a book or watching a movie. it won’t solve any serious problems but you will feel better

- nothing will always be easy, if you’re trying then that should be good enough for anyone. if it’s not then you’re talking with the wrong people

- never underestimate the importance of going to bed, if it’s dark outside and you feel bad just go to bed and deal with your problems the next day

1:11pm July 24, 2014


BBC Sherlock in the original Victorian era

8:44pm July 23, 2014

Cecil + 90’s fashion + cotton candy hair = ???
Clothes refs: x x x


Cecil + 90’s fashion + cotton candy hair = ???

Clothes refs: x x x

8:36pm July 23, 2014
8:30pm July 23, 2014


Since I want you to all be happy, here’s some dorkybatch to make your day just a little bit brighter :) 

Part 1

(gif and photo credit goes to all owners)

See part 2 here

8:18pm July 23, 2014
Courtney Act on body image and self-confidence
8:17pm July 23, 2014


Never not reblogging.

8:15pm July 23, 2014

Guns lack intimacy.